February 2020 Theme & Calendar

Our February Theme:
Earth Explorations I: Burrowing Underground

    Take a look at what lives under the earth’s surface: the furry groundhog (Groundhog’s Day is February 2nd), the wiggly earthworm, creepy crawlies, and the hibernating bear have secrets to share.  Seeds and nuts are sleeping, too, and plants that die down in fall have roots still alive and waiting.  We’ll explore what can be found in fertile soil before venturing to the lands of sand called deserts…

Earth Explorations II: Life in the Desert

    What a contrast!  The lands of sand seem to be without life, but wait!  There are animals, and plants too, that survive and thrive here.  They have secret ways of finding water, and running on the hot surface, and living through the cold nights…

Our February calendar is below. Click on the image for a printable PDF!

February LMK Calendar

January 2020 Theme & Calendar

Our January Theme:
Favorite Authors, Composers, Scientists, Explorers & Artists

    This theme is back by popular demand!  Our Specialists and Class Teachers will choose their favorites from among famous writers, poets, scientists, explorers, sculptors, painters and musicians… Their gifts of knowledge, discoveries & creations are the best of mankind.  And now, they can inspire our lesson plans, and our children!  Perhaps we will explore genres of expression or ideas that led to discoveries.  Perhaps we can try our hands at creating our own masterpieces or finding out how something works… our imagination has no limits!

Our January calendar is below. Click on the image for a printable PDF!

September MTG Calendar

October 2019 Theme & Calendar

Our October Theme:
Fabulous Fall Harvest!

    Autumn brings changes.  Trees turn various colors and drop leaves, nuts and cones.  These are used by wintering animals.  Our artwork & music are inspired by seasonal hues and sounds.  As the days get shorter and darker, story-telling entertains and enlightens us.  Shorter days make us take note of the clock, and along with the earlier nightfall, we prepare for changes in the weather.  We make use of the outdoors for fresh air and exercise as much as we can.

    Those evenings are exciting, as we head into our Halloween traditions.  Scarecrows, pumpkins, games and costumes are treats we will enjoy at our annual Fall Festival!

    We also review Fire Safety this month.  We hope to be able to climb aboard a real fire truck!

Our October calendar is below. Click on the image for a printable PDF!

September MTG Calendar

September 2019 Theme & Calendar

Our September Theme:
All About Me and You!

    It’s all about relationships: with ourselves, with other people, and with everything in our environment.  EQ (emotional intelligence) refers to our ability to relate in healthy, successful and therefore happy ways; and this is foundational for the Kinder Works Curriculum.

    We always start our new school year by learning about our school, our new friends, and ourselves.  Rules, respect and routines help us keep our environments safe, healthy and pleasing.  Manners, mutual respect and cooperation help us make and keep friends.  Self-respect and communication skills enable us to meet our own individual needs and know ourselves better.

    In our town and community, it takes cooperation, collaboration and acceptance of differences to create a neighborhood.  People serve and work in many roles.

    As we communicate about ourselves, our families and our community, we will also begin our yearly practice of Sign Language and Spanish.

Our September calendar is below. Click on the image for a printable PDF!

September MTG Calendar

June 2019 Theme & Calendar

Our June Theme:
Celebrating Children: Look How We’ve Grown

    It’s hard to believe the school year has come to an end!  With pride and admiration, we will consider what we have done and learned, and how we have grown.  From developing respectful relationships to sorting the fruits of harvest, and from understanding how people live across the globe to giving gifts to local children, we have accomplished so much.  Let’s celebrate the year with our favorite songs, games, and stories; and let’s revisit favorite art projects and science experiments.  As we bid the school year farewell, we will see some friends graduate, say good-bye to others, and say, “See you at Summer Camp!”

Our June calendar is below. Click on the image for a printable PDFSeptember MTG Calendar

May 2019 Theme & Calendar

Our May Theme:
Spring Has Sprung – The Great Outdoors

    Spring is the third season of our school-year, and by now we can see it in full bloom.  This month, we’ll look at plants… from seeds to flowers and trees.  We always love learning about baby animals; some are born alive, and some hatch from eggs.  There are interesting life-cycles to explore (such as bugs, butterflies, and bullfrogs).  As life is bursting forth all around us, we can also enjoy the music, poetry, stories and fables, art, and dance that it has always inspired!

Our May calendar is below. Click on the image for a printable PDSeptember MTG Calendar

April 2019 Theme & Calendar

Our April Theme:
On the Sea, Under the Sea, By the Sea

    Did you know the ocean covers 71% of the Earth’s surface and makes up 97% of the Earth’s water?  With the ocean making up such a big part of our planet, it’s amazing that we’ve only explored around 5% of it!

     This month, we will be taking sea voyages in our submarines and scuba-gear to discover and explore the ocean for ourselves.  We can explore different underwater ecosystems such as: the deep-sea with its fantastic creatures, the ocean floor where there are volcanoes, trenches and mountains, coral reefs which are populated by so many colorful corals, sponges & amazing sea animals (including Nemo), and kelp forests with their cute otters and strange sea urchins.

     When we come ashore in the coastal zones, with their sandy and rocky shores, we can explore shells, types of sand, and the creatures that crawl in and out of water at the sea’s edge.  We can look at different types of boats and ships and how they float or sink.  We can also discuss ways in which we can care for and protect our beaches and marine life.  There is music inspired by the sea, artworks galore, and sports we have fun with by sea and on the sea… not to mention the stories of mermaids, whales and pirates!  Oh there is much to be discovered in all of our curriculum areas this month!

    (We will stay on land, briefly, for our annual Spring egg hunts on April 15th and 16th!)

Our April calendar is below. Click on the image for a printable PDF!September MTG Calendar

March 2019 Theme & Calendar

Our March Theme:
Happily Ever After, Tall Tales, & Myth Busters

    Fairy tales, Fractured Fairy tales, discovering the real truth…

     This month we’ll discover exciting stories of adventure that capture the imaginations of listeners and readers, each told with a purpose. While searching for the purpose, we’ll find that fairy tales have moral lessons that teach the consequences of choosing between right and wrong. Fractured fairy tales add a sense of fun and humor, providing unexpected twists to make us laugh, or to question… Tall tales feel almost believable, using exaggerations to show us they may not be all true… Myths focus on superhuman beings, told to explain a specific belief or part of nature (and we may need to apply the scientific method to sort out fact from fiction as we practice “myth-busting”)…

     As we hear stories from around the world and across time, including stories that have been told by many cultures, we’ll discover their EQ lessons, and try to emulate the values celebrated in the prevailing characters. We’ll find out that we need to ask questions, do some research, even conduct experiments to find the truth. We may also compare things past and present, old and new. We’ll discover how wild our imaginations can be, and hope that they lead us to “happily ever after!”

     (With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, we will take 2 days off to pay attention to Lucky the Leprechaun and his wild antics on Thursday & Friday, March 14th & 15th!)

   Our March calendar is below. Click on the image for a printable PDFSeptember MTG Calendar