February 2020 Show & Tell

Preschool/Kindergarten February EQ Show & Tell
Thursday & Friday, February 27th & 28th

“Our Most Memorable Family Adventure”

       As we explore our Earth’s diverse features this month, both below and above the surface, we are reminded of the adventurous spirit that resides within each of us.  This spirit is most evident in our children, and challenges us to pursue new, exciting experiences, which nurture self-discovery.  Adventures and excursions with family also build pride and lifelong bonds between one’s self and family members.

     Enjoy reminiscing about a memorable adventure you have experienced together as a family.  Your child may share a drawing, souvenir, photo, scrapbook page, or other memento that depicts a most memorable family adventure at our next Show & Tell.  What treasures will we unearth as we take this opportunity to see the world through each other’s eyes?