April 2019 Infant/Toddler Photos

Please enjoy pictures of our Baby Bears!

Please enjoy pictures of our Teddy Bears!

Please enjoy pictures of our Buddy Bears!


Vote! 2019 Teachers Make a Difference Contest

       In honor of the upcoming Teacher Appreciation Week, we have nominated our very own Preschool Gym and Music Specialist Mr. Dippell in the 2019 Teachers Make a Difference Every Day Photo Contest.  Mr. Dippell has the chance to be recognized and receive prize money and rewards!

       All you have to do is click this link and vote for Mr. Dippell!  Voting ends on Sunday, April 28th, 2019.  You can cast one vote per day (every 24 hours).  Get your votes in now!

       The winners will be announced by 5pm on Monday, May 6th, 2019. Thank you for taking the time to vote!



April 2019 Show & Tell

Preschool/Kindergarten  EQ Show & Tell
Thursday & Friday, April 25th & 26th
“If You Could Live Under the Sea, What Kind of Creature Would You Be?” *

       In concert with our theme this month, our EQ Show & Tell invites us to wonder about what it would be like to be one of the fantastic creatures living in our oceans.  This stretches our emotional intelligence, as we imagine being in someone else’s position and what life might be like somewhere else.

     Have fun with this, as you talk about what you and your child might prefer, and why.  Perhaps you would like to be a giant whale, or a happy porpoise jumping in and out of the waves.  The octopus might be a wise choice, because who couldn’t use 8 arms?  Beloved Nemo makes that little clown anemonefish a popular choice.  But we have been learning about so many life-forms, it may be hard to choose!

     Send your child to school ready to let us know what his or her chosen sea creature is, and why.  You might like to send along a picture, to help explain it to the class.  We may be surprised by how we populate the sea!

* (Please note that this is a correction from the April calendar; we listed last year’s Show & Tell by mistake.)


Parent-Teacher Conference Reminder

Parent-Teacher Conferences
Wednesday, April 17th

       Friendly reminder to sign up for Parent-Teacher Conferences on Wednesday, April 17th (Invitations were already emailed; let us know if you didn’t receive the link)!  Spring Conferences provide an opportunity to meet with our teachers, who will discuss your child’s classroom participation and experiences with you, as well as our Kinder Works Child Profile.  Our Kinder Works Standards & Curriculum Guides are always available for you to review.

     You will receive a copy of your child’s Profile prior to conference time.  This is a record of observations of his or her development here at school.  We look forward to seeing you at your conference on Wednesday!

*Please note that Wednesday, April 17th is not a regular school day; there will be no classes held on this day.*


Spring Egg Hunts!

Spring Egg Hunts
Monday & Tuesday, April 15th & 16th

       Kinder Works welcomes Spring with our annual Egg Hunts!  During your child’s Gym & Music period, the Kinder Works Rabbit will hide her eggs all over our playground, and watch the excitement as the boys and girls try to find all of her secret hiding places and fill their bags with special treats.  Who knows what we will find!


2019-20 Priority Registration

Registration for the 2019-2020 School Year:
Registration for Preschool & Kindergarten begins Monday, April 8th

       It’s time to renew your child’s enrollment for the 2019-20 school year at Kinder Works.  As with previous years, you can complete your renewal online!

     Current Kinder Works clients have a one-week private registration period, in which you receive priority over the general public.  Private registration begins on Monday, April 8th and continues through Friday, April 12th.  We will email you the appropriate secure link today, Thursday, April 4th; please be sure to watch for your email!

     If you are not changing your schedule for Preschool, just submit the online renewal any time during the one-week registration period.  All current schedule renewals received within this period will be automatically confirmed.  **This also applies to Toddlers who are graduating into the Preschool Program.

     Renewals that request a change of schedule, and applicants for Private Kindergarten or Kindergarten Enrichment are taken on a first come, first served basis.  It is important for you to submit your enrollment renewal as soon as possible. Registration opens to the general public on Saturday, April 13th.

     Thank you for your cooperation in this process, and for choosing Kinder Works!


April 2019 Theme & Calendar

Our April Theme:
On the Sea, Under the Sea, By the Sea

    Did you know the ocean covers 71% of the Earth’s surface and makes up 97% of the Earth’s water?  With the ocean making up such a big part of our planet, it’s amazing that we’ve only explored around 5% of it!

     This month, we will be taking sea voyages in our submarines and scuba-gear to discover and explore the ocean for ourselves.  We can explore different underwater ecosystems such as: the deep-sea with its fantastic creatures, the ocean floor where there are volcanoes, trenches and mountains, coral reefs which are populated by so many colorful corals, sponges & amazing sea animals (including Nemo), and kelp forests with their cute otters and strange sea urchins.

     When we come ashore in the coastal zones, with their sandy and rocky shores, we can explore shells, types of sand, and the creatures that crawl in and out of water at the sea’s edge.  We can look at different types of boats and ships and how they float or sink.  We can also discuss ways in which we can care for and protect our beaches and marine life.  There is music inspired by the sea, artworks galore, and sports we have fun with by sea and on the sea… not to mention the stories of mermaids, whales and pirates!  Oh there is much to be discovered in all of our curriculum areas this month!

    (We will stay on land, briefly, for our annual Spring egg hunts on April 15th and 16th!)

Our April calendar is below. Click on the image for a printable PDF!September MTG Calendar