March 2017 Theme

RocketOur March Theme:
Mad Science & Wild Imagination

     Our experiments, investigations, discoveries & creations will be fun, interactive and oh, just a little bit on the wild side this month!  If you think this is just about math & science… think again!

     In gym & music, we can make music with glasses of water.  We can change notes by changing the length of a violin string… why is that?  Have you seen a vibration graph of orchestral music?  As we dance in 4/4 time, we’ll discover that exercise makes our hearts beat faster.  In art, we can make our own paint, paper and clay.  We can paint with pendulums, make transparent pictures, experiment with oil, dye & water and explore the science of color.   MicroscopeThe library is full of mad science books… and there are also plenty of stories about everyday ‘scientists’ and their discoveries & inventions.  And learning to write our names is more fun with invisible ink!

     After all, imagination & mad science took us from dreaming about flying… to rockets to outer space.  Across our curriculum areas, this theme is bound to captivate curious minds!

February Infant/Toddler Photos

Please enjoy pictures of our Infants!

Please enjoy pictures of our Younger Toddlers!

Please enjoy pictures of our Older Toddlers!

February Preschool/Kindergarten Photos

Please enjoy pictures of our Honey Bears in Creative Expression!

Please enjoy pictures of our Pandas in Gym & Music!

Please enjoy pictures of our Koalas in Math & Science!

Please enjoy pictures of our Sun Bears in Language Arts!

Pajama Days

Pajama Days
Thursday & Friday, February 23rd & 24th

     You’re invited to a Pajama Party! Wear your warmest pajamas to school on Thursday and Friday, February 23rd and 24th, to celebrate “letter Pp week”!

(Please keep the weather in mind and layer appropriately if needed. Please leave your slippers, robes, blankies, and stuffed animals at home and wear regular shoes so that we can play safely at school.)

Valentine Celebrations

Valentine’s Day Celebrations
Monday & Tuesday, February 13th & 14th

       Valentine’s Day provides an “EQ” opportunity to express appreciation for the friends and family that we love. On February 13th and 14th, we will enjoy Valentine’s Day stories and songs of love, dancing with our friends, and special valentine-themed arts and crafts!

       To participate in the Valentine’s Day card exchange, please send in 36 cards for Preschool/Kindergarten, or 24 cards for Toddlers, signed with only your child’s name. (Please do not address cards to specific children so that your child can hand out his/her own cards. Sun Bears will be asked to address their Valentines as a homework assignment.) Please send the cards in a bag labeled with your child’s name, and give the bag to your child’s teacher. Thank you!

February Show & Tell

Preschool/Kindergarten SEL (“EQ”) Show & Tell
Thursday & Friday, February 16th & 17th
“My Favorite Exotic Animal

       As we learn about faraway places in exotic climes, it’s instructive to realize that so many animals come from places all around the world. This month, we will be looking at maps, as well as the globe, to see where the animals of the rainforest are located. At the same time, we can find out where other wild animals are from, and appreciate that in this “digital age”, when it appears that everything is right here, in the palm of your hand, life is really abundant far, far away and all over the world.

     Your teachers will send home a small piece of paper. Please talk with your little one about the animal you both choose, and where it came from. Then put its picture (drawn, printed, or cut out of a magazine) and its name on the paper, along with the country of origin.

     Look for our map display!