January 2017 Theme

Book & PenOur January Theme:
(Artist, Composer, Architect, Explorer & Inventor!)

     This theme is back by popular demand.  Our Specialists and Class Teachers will choose their favorites from among famous builders, writers, poets, sculptors, painters and musicians.  Their discoveries and creations are the best of mankind.  And now, they can inspire our lesson plans, and our children!  Perhaps we will explore genres of expression or ideas that led to discoveries.  Perhaps we can try our hands at creating our own masterpieces or finding out how something works… our imagination has no limits!


December Infant/Toddler Pictures

Please enjoy pictures of our Infants!

Please enjoy pictures of our Younger Toddlers!

Please enjoy pictures of our Older Toddlers!

December Show & Tell

dji_udc_winterscene_cSEL (“EQ”) Show & Tell
Thursday & Friday, December 22nd & 23rd
“Holidays At Home”

       Sharing our various traditions can broaden our perspectives, and bring us closer together, as we also learn to speak clearly and listen to others.

       You and your little one are invited to select and discuss a special tradition in your family.  This might be an activity, meal, song, story, decoration, craft, a description of who participates, a trip, or a photo.  Decide how to present it to classmates, and on these special ‘Show & Tell’ days in Language Arts, please send your child in ready to share.

Winter Holiday


Winter Holiday

     Kinder Works will be CLOSED for the Winter Holiday from December 26th through December 30th.  We return to school on Monday, January 2nd.

We wish you all a warm & wonderful holiday and a happy, healthy New Year!

Santa Sighting


Santa Sighting
Friday, December 16th

       Santa Claus is coming to town for a jolly evening at Kinder Works!  Santa will arrive at 4:30PM on Friday, December 16th to visit all of our good little girls and boys.

       Your family is invited to stop in for a visit during your regular pick-up time, between 4:30-6:30PM.  (For AM and Tues-Thurs families, please stop in to visit Santa between 5:30 and 6:30.)

       All children are welcome to visit with Santa while his “little elves” (and you) photograph this precious childhood memory.  Families can also enjoy a light snack buffet, decorate a cookie, and take home a special gift!